Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Carlist Requetes Part Four

Good evening all,

I've been off work this past week, but even that hasn't meant I've scraped together much more hobby time. Still I have now managed to finish a few more Carlist Requetes to join my growing band. Once again, it felt like a slog to get these finished because of the range of colours and my perseverance with free handing, but I'm oh so fond of the fine sculpts and those jolly red berets.

New feature for this batch: the green checked shirt on the rightmost gent is lifted straight from this classic plate:

The religious icon seemed a bit bare, so I added the streamers with paper, worked to shape, hardened with superglue then painted over to lose the shine. I'm pleased with how they came out and hopeful that they'll be durable enough for the gaming table. The icon-bearer is on a large base, like my officers, as Chain of Command has them able to issue orders to nearby units. I'll also add a standard bearer to the unit at some point - can't resist another splash of colour.

I think that gives me 17 Requetes done and another 9 or so all prepped to paint over the coming months. A handful of them are in helmets so can also do double-duty as regular army infantry in shirtsleeves.

This gent will join the SCW collection as well. Like WWII, the CoC support lists offer medical orderlies to tend the wounded. As my forces are themed for early in the conflict, I was struck with an idea that a local doctor might have volunteered (or been 'encouraged') by one side or the other to tend the wounded from smaller skirmishes. 

I repurposed this gent from the lead pile, a civilian from Copplestone's Mafia range that seemed to have a scholarly look to him. He doesn't look too happy to be there, anyway.

He can also do double-duty as a civilian for SCW or Pulp games - the reason I dug the pack out of the bargain bin in the first place, in fact!

The SCW project will roll on, but soon you'll see something a teensy bit different. Bet you can't guess...*

* (though the project has been outed elsewhere already...)


  1. Nice choice of colours Phil .
    Regards Gav .

  2. That's some damn good painting sir!

  3. Excellent painting, & those bases are very nice too.

  4. Fabulous paint job, congrats!

  5. Top painting my good man, you only normally see them check patterns on a Scotsman!!


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