Sunday, 12 July 2015

Tewksbury Medieval Festival

The summer does bring its advantages, like a big reenactment event this weekend, Tewksbury Medieval Festival. It marks the Battle of Tewksbury 1471, a decisive battle in the Wars of the Roses. The Yorkists, despite being outnumbered, defeated and routed the Lancastrians, leading to a great slaughter in the 'Bloody Meadow' just outside the town. 

Young Edward looks serious as the Armies assemble

Archers exchange fire.

Gunpowder weapons add further excitement

The Lancastrians advance

The lines meet

 A fine sunny afternoon out, it's a big and busy event, despite the crowds it was easy to park up and traffic all flowed freely around the town - somehow! Lots of era eye-candy on display, all shiny armour and heraldry. I was thankful for the zoom lens and tilting  LCD screen on my camera, helped me capture a few shots that I'm pleased even over the heads of the crowd of onlookers. 


  1. 2 posts in one day?? Good grief! Great pics though.

  2. Replies
    1. What a lovely country we live in with such things going on, eh?

  3. It looks like how we settle neighbour disputes on my estate .
    Cheers Gav .

  4. Very nice pics! It looked to be a wonderful day out.

    Question: How does the archery duel work in a re-enactment? I love the first shot of them loosing their shafts.

    1. Well, after a few volleys to find their range they were loosing shafts to land in the opposing group. I don't think I saw everyone go down when hit, but the ranks had thinned out by the time the melee had started.


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