Thursday, 30 July 2015

Wvyern All Dayer - Chain of Command

July brings another all-dayer up at a Wyvern, and Ade was kind enough to bust out his massive 15mm WWII Normaspndy collection. We played the first day of Operation Epsom using Big Chain of Command - the first day of the assault on 26 June 1944 by the two platoons from the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division supported by Churchill tanks.

Connor, Gav and I took the three British platoons agains a well dug-in two SS platoons commanded by Seasoned CoC players Ian and Bob. Ade was kind enough to umpire.

The town of Raurey (?) somewhat worse for wear after the naval and artillery bombardment.

The end of the patrol phase - a respectable attempt to reach the hedge line. But not wuite'a out jump-off points were thrown back and the Germans were in deployment range of it.

The game had a foreboding start , with this as Ian's Command Dice roll - so much for out preliminary barrage!

British troops cautiously approach the hedge line. The SS pioneers had done good work and were well dug in. A merciless fire erupted from the defensive positions and the morning mist meant the British couldn't bring their firepower to bear. The advance section was quick,y beaten back.

As the mist rose, the armour finally make an appearance, having been held up at a minefield on the way from the beaches. 

Churchill crocodile does its work on the makeshift bunker, and the Germans wisely withdraw


In the face of all the British armour, the Germans melt away from the hedgeline and a general advance begins.

But with caution and wisely so. Two panzershreck ambushes fair to take out the hulking Churchills, and the teams are scattered by British reaction fire. 

Sporadic fire continues, and British morale is shaken. But they reach the minefields and a Sherman flail begins to clear a path.

But the surviving Germans strike with their Panzerfausts, starting the collapse of British morale.

A cagey game all in all, it felt like the British should have had the resources to smash through, but despite a reasonable tactical approach, the dug in and elite German platoons were just too tough a nut to crack. Also completely a game of two halves - the first dominated by Ian's above average rolling and Connor's impressive ability to roll kills for his own troops. But once the British armour rolled on, the Germans were reduced to hit and run attacks from the hedgeline while the Brits leapfrogged onwards to try to engage them. It felt like it went to the wire, but the loss of the Sherman and a lucky shot killing my platoon leader sent us packing. Well played by Bob and Ian and as Walsh, Ade out on an excellent, highly historical and challenging scenario. Cheers to all!

Also on the day, Dane and Chris had a great looking American War of Independence game in 10mm - I gather the British same out on top twice on the day.


  1. Great write up Phil, I enjoyed the day and learnt a fair bit as they say keep calm and carry on . Well we kept calm right up until your leader got slotted then it was a case of to the rear with the gear . My churchills found an extra gear and hoofed it !
    Cheers Gav .

    1. That they did, Gav! You did sterling work on the Germans - it was us footslogger letting the side down.

  2. Cracking looking game Phil and lovely photographs - top job Sir.

    1. Thank you my good man. The toys all belong to Ade, credit me with the snaps only!

  3. Great game of CoC! A really difficult task for the British forces.

    1. Hah yes it didn't appear so - the field fave cover to stationary units, but those SS were tough as old boots!

  4. Phil that looks like a hard day in the field....
    Sorry I missed it.

    1. It was a pleasant way to spend a Saturday indeed. But I'm sure there will be plenty more!

  5. A nice AAR Phil. Looks like you had a nice day out. Well done!

  6. Excellent post, and looks to be a fine game. I still need to post all the amazing photos from your great Sudan game at OML 3 - they're coming! All the best!


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