Saturday, 25 October 2014

Dear Santa...

Well it is that time of year again, apparently! The Secret Santa was so successful I raced to throw my lot in again. I have my target and hope to get shopping soon.

No doubt my Santa will find clues for me here, but here are some ideas based on my current interests:

-28mm SCW
I've just placed a reasonable order, but some Empress Republican Militia could also come in useful.

-15mm WWII
I've got a US and German platoon and a reasonable terrain collection now. Support options, particularly armour would be welcome. For the US I've already got a Greyhound and Sherman Jumbo. My Germans have a Hetzer, a Sdkfz250/1(0) and a 3.7cm Flak. Other 15mm vehicles or guns from the Chain of Command support lists, perhaps.

-28mm WWII
Yes two scales syndrome. I've a load of Artizan Designs and am loitering at 'half platoons' for both British Commandos and Greatcoated Germans. SWW157, SWW158, SWW152, SWW133, SWW023, SWW079, SWW071 are all be useful to start rounding either force out.
Alternatively, I've a budding desert war collection. I have a Perry Afrikakorps and a Sdfkz222, so either other Perry supports from the Chain of Command list or a Desert Rats plastic box would build it up nicely.

-28mm Sudan
There are always packs to add the the collection, though I've come to a point where I don't expect it will be a focus over the coming months. Still, Perry SB1, SB20, SB41, SB47, SA12 and SA14 are all on my 'I'll pick these up one day' list.

-28mm Pulp
I do fancy pushing the old Pulp project into Mythos games, for which I could do with some cultists or gribblies from Artizan, Pulp Figures, RAFM or Modiphius.

Well, hopefully that's enough to get Santa started!

In other news, a first for me this week, converting 15mm WWII. Fiddly work, but really just a bit of wire, green stuff and clump foliage to make a couple of pioneer teams with a flamethrower to give my US something to worry about.


  1. That's quite a list Phil.
    I trust have left a copy on the fire place to ensure you get what you want...:-)

    1. Well, it's all 'nicee to have' rather than 'dammit I need this project nooooow!'. Which is preferable, really (so my wallet thinks).

  2. A very nice list, and not too long!!!

  3. Good idea, putting up a list, I'll give this a go myself, but what to put on it???????


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