Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Weekend of Living History

A rare non-wargaming post from me. One of the great things about living the UK is the sheer amount of history to dip into all over the country and number of living history groups happy to dress up and enthuse about their chosen era to the (faintly bemused) public of a weekend.

Last weekend the family headed to a fine event on at Sherwood Forest between Nottingham and Doncaster. A 'walk through history, it has 20 or so groups covering stone age to Cold War and everything in between: Romans, Saxons, Medieval, ECW, WWI , inter-war, WWII and 50's, all scattered through a charming forest trail around the visitor's centre.

It was a fine day so the crowds were out which was nice, though some of the groups themselves were quite low on numbers. As well as providing a bit of fun and some hobby inspiration, I also had chance to give the camera a whirl,so without further ado...

 Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood statue obligatory

A medieval camp in a forest grove - the reenactors were in a central area doing a demonstration

The Fairfax Regiment demonstrate ECW drill 

A handful of Coldstream Guards on the march

Can you see...?

This fine fellow?! Falklands era British army lurking in the undergrowth


  1. Now that looks like a great day out, cracking photographs.

  2. That sounds like a great day out. We tend to get single period re-enactments near us, mostly ECW and WW2

  3. Fun day out (and looked like very nice weather). I participated as an ACW renactor for years but got out of it as it just seemed odd having (predominantly) overweight, older men playing roles of soldiers who were half-starved young men and boys. They also typically either got the history wrong or gave it a bias that I sometimes found troubling. If they kept it purely to the mechanics of the period (dress, food, armaments etc.) they did a good job but once they ventured into the history/politics/ethics I began to cringe. But that's just my experience.

  4. Looks to have been a great day out



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