Sunday, 6 January 2013

Second Challenge Entry: Odds and Sods

I submitted a mixed bag to Curt as my second Challenge entry. First up, a man known as 'Herr Doktor' whose real name may, or may not be Doctor Graumann. A sharply dressed gentleman who claims to be a travelling doctor from Austria, but may in fact be an officer of the German Abwehr. An excellent Artizan sculpt with more than a hint of 'Herr Flick', I am pleased with the result of the grey colour scheme, pinstripe suit and flash of salmon pink.

I also submitted a West Wind French Partisan, as some muscle for a Pulp gang. A quick an inoffesive paint job on him. Finally, three riderless horses.  In the last, unfinished adventure, the Prof escaped on a stolen mount, though I had forgotten to bring, or paint (!) the horses for that session.These are some I had spare from the Perry ACW Cavalry set that was the basis for my mounted Guerilleros last year. They can liven up the board or serve as objectives (or an escape route!). Standing horses would be better for it, but I had these lying around so I can't complain.

Next up are more Pulp bits, a few of which I've already finished and are awaiting more completed figures for basing. I have also finished prepping most of the miniatures that I got for Christmas, including WWII Germans and a couple of Sudan packs. I think they will be on the workbench next.


  1. I hate that Dr., he is going to make my attempt at pinstripes look sick. Oh well at least he is a Doctor :-)


  2. Very nice paintjobs. I really like those pinstrips, looks very difficult.

  3. Very nice especially the pinstripe.

  4. Cheers all. Sometimes miniatures just come together well as you're doing them, the doctor certainly did and I think he's one of the best miniatures I've done in a while.

    And the pinstripe was surprisingly easy - just patience required.

  5. excellent figures really nice painting nice detail


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