Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Presents in the post

So, in preparation for Curt at Analogue Hobbies' winter painting competition, I treated myself to something new to paint. Slightly guilty given it is just before Christmas, but I rarely get much in the way of hobby material as presents. I've also made a big dent in my lead/plastic pile this year, so I felt a need for a stock up.
The Ansar aren't for a new period - I've picked them up for generic natives for Pulp gaming. Pulp is historical, right? Anyway, the Perrys were the cheapest solution other than plastic Zulus and will be nice models to boot.
The Hussars look lovely, chuffed the Perrys have finally started on British cavalry! I'll do a full unit of 8 British Hussars, not yet decided which regiment. That will leave six spares, which I also haven't decided what to do with.
So, a shout-out, has anyone any suggestions for conversions into one of the more quirky light cavalry regiments present in the Peninsular? I've already a fledgling force of Spanish allies...

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