Monday, 19 December 2011

The preparations are complete (ish)

So, for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge I've been clipping, trimming, filing, filling, gluing, basing and finally spraying any miniature to hand. And here are the results.

From top to bottom we have:
-A flock of Napoleonic redcoats (I'm thinking 'the Buffs')
-A gaggle of Spanish Guerillas (yes, those are scratch-built mounted guerillas, honest guv'nor)
-Quick era switch to a shoal of Viking levy for Saga
-Back to Napoleonics, this time a herd of Spanish infantry
-Later, a (small) horde of Perry plastic Ansar
-And finally a pack of British Napoleonic Hussars (yes, these are just horses. Riders are tonight's job, if I get a moment).

After what seems like so much work, I don't feel the above is that impressive, actually! Still, it should score me a tidy sum of points, especially with a bunch of cavalry.

Other than the above, in various stages of preparation I've some Perry metal household cavalry, umpteen more Redcoats, more plastic Ansar, some pulp bits and bobs and that blister-pack shaped Christmas present which rattles when I shake it. And if that runs out, I've no doubt I will make a few purchases between now and March...

And with that thought, I will close by wishing all of the other entrants the best of luck!


  1. Thanks, Lurky! (can I calk you that?!)

  2. Good luck with the Comp. Nice selection of troops. Look forward to seeing them come together!!!


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