Sunday, 17 July 2011

Another update!

The Missus has been busy all day organising a Hen Party, giving me time to potter about the housework and, of course, get some painting time in.
I dug out a unit of Spanish Napoleonic infantry to finish off. I'm pleased with the result. I say Spanish, the figs are actually plastic Victrix Imperial Guard. I couldn't resist picking some up. And was inspired by this site:
In particular the note about Spanish light typically wearing their brown greatcoats in the field. This posed quite a problem with which heads to use - if 1806 regulation, they should have bicornes. Alas, i didn't have anywhere near enough bicorne heads for a unit. So I fudged it with some shakos with white covers, which I understand were issued later. Annoyingly, the standard snapped and wasn't repairable, but I plan on getting banners on wires eventually anyway (probably from Flag Dude in the US).
So, sacrificing historical accuracy in exchange for an opportunity to buy and build some of the lovely Victrix IG. History buffs do forgive me...
Any thoughts?

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