Sunday, 17 July 2011

Lack of updates

Morning all!
Apologies that I've been very tardy with my blog, for reasons of a house move and a new job which means I'm away a lot in the week. This has also meant my painting time is minimal.
It would have completely flatlined, but for me putting together a mobile painting set, a snap of which is below. I can just about fit 8 or 9 paints, small jar for water, brushes, pallet and a handful of minis into a small Tupperware box at the bottom of my suitcase. As long as I pick up a newspaper, I've got enough to do basecoating and washes at least.
After two weeks, it is going pretty well, with fair progress on both halves of a unit of redcoats.
Next is to check out the LGS where I'm staying for further inspiration (and shopping)...

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