Sunday, 8 November 2015

Wish List to Santa 2015

Christmas is coming! Which means the blogosphere is abuzz with excitement about Ian and Cath's legendary Secret Santa. Once again I'm joining the fun so I can look forward to opening something hobby-related to open on the day. 

I actually looked back over my wish list last year and much of it is still extant - clearly 2015 hasn't been a year with lots of purchases for me. Still, to keep things fresh, ideas for my Santa below:

Empress Miniatures Spanish Civil War (which ended up being a focus of painting this year, if not gaming)
Nationalist foreign legion firing
Nationalist foreign legion command
Republican militia - Any packs!  
Republican command
Nationalist Guardia Civil - Any
Antitank to deal with those troublesome T-26's

Sally 4th 
Pulp Alley Leagues - A Pulp Alley Expansion
Pulp Alley Fortune deck

Footsore Miniatures Arthurian/Late Roman ranges
Any! (Not sure what I'd game with them but they always paint up so well)

Perry Miniatures Sudan 
Egyptian Cavalry Gendarmes and command

Cthulhuoid creatures or Cultists from Artizan, Pulp Figures, RAFM or Modiphius

Hopefully that gives plenty of food for thought!

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