Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Few More Converted Mahdists

Well I said I was a couple short, so out came the remnants of the Mahdist boxed set. Three more conversions to add to the horde:

One chap hurling a throwing stick (I couldn't resist!) and two with arm swaps with Warlord Games Zulus for variety. I'm looking to get these finished as well as a load of other bits and pieces in time for the next Sudan game later this month - British infantry, Mahdist horse and other odds and sods. I've just finished a batch of Mahdist rifles, though I'm a bit unbalanced and should really be focusing on more spear. I usually finish and varnish up in small groups but as time is quite tight and with a holiday approaching, I think I'll save everything up and do it all together. You probably won't see any painted minis from me for a couple of weeks - sorry! 

I've also been working on actually having two forces for other projects, including 15mm CoC. While the German platoon hasn't arrived yet, I did hunt out some terrain. I was really keen for low effort and prepainted if possible, as I've too much terrain for too many projects just sitting around unpainted. 4Ground got my money - by no means cheap but they look like they'll build up really well. I bought three of the Normany farmhouse buildings as they're now selling them individually. 

I've a box of supplies to make a tonne of hedging and bocage, but that'll have to wait until the Sudan bits are finished off.

So yes, I am still about and chipping away at things, slowly! 


  1. Great conversion work! And very interesting your 15mm CoC. I have been thinking about to prepare Caen scenarios in 20mm scale; cheaper than 28mm!

  2. Nice conversions Phil - l look forward to seeing them painted up.

    Also like the look of those low walls from Landmark, very nice.

  3. Terrific conversions, Phil. Great idea mixing Mahdist arms and Zulu arms. Very clever idea, old chap!


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