Monday, 21 July 2014

Sudan - Getting There

After a slow start, the summer painting has picked up again, though the stuffy heat plays havoc with e paint. As you may recall, I'm trying to finish off a few bits and pieces to round out each force and top of the list was a third command base for the British. I've got a late September date pencilled in to put on some Sudan games, probably with a trial run in August. Time to get everything finished up in one final push.

Obligatory sepia shot

This galloping officer didn't to seem to suit being an infantry commander (unless he's leading his men away from the Mahdist charge...). So he's going to head up my cavalry brigade, being accompanied by a trooper of the 10th Hussars.

It's clearly been an equine month (have I mentioned that I dislike painting horses?!) as I also painted a horse holder stand for my mounted infantry in the Sudan.

Camels, who needs em? 

I'm not aware of a manufacturers that makes Sudan British horse holders, only camel holders, but mounted infantry were used. These are actually ECW horses from Warlord games, but I couldn't see anything particularly anachronistic on the baggage. The gap on the base is for a guard - turns out I don't have the mini that I was going to use, so I suppose a small Perry order will be going in fairly soon. Because I don't quite have the whole range...yet!

And finally, another piece of flavour terrain or Pulpy plot point - a small camp. They are from the Perry miniatures / Renedra tent sets. 

The smoking fire came out pretty well


  1. Love those cavalry! Haven't seen those camp beds before!

  2. Beautifully painted mate. You camp fire is one of the most convincing I've ever seen. Well done!

    1. Hah thanks Michael. I dabbled in source lightingand the smoke is from the endlessly useful kapok from perry blisters

  3. Wonderful work Phil! I'm quite taken with that group of dismounted horses - very well done, my friend. And I agree, the 'infantry' officer looks better as a cavalryman. :)

  4. Absolutely superb Phil, the command stand is wonderful, but that camp set is a thing of beauty.

  5. Beautiful work Phil - the camp looks fantastic!

  6. Fantastic stuff Phil, really coming along nicely.

  7. Cheers chaps. Pleased with these if I do say so myself.

  8. Beautiful painting and loved the camp set


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