Sunday, 2 March 2014

Not all About the Challenge

While 90% of the time I've been slaving away at the Sudan project for the Challenge, I have had chance to finish some odds and sods that won't score. 

First up is this little Pulp Alley 'Plot Point', an adventurer's camp complete with map and supplies:

Also, some game marker explosions, the traditional wire frame with clump foliage hot glue gunned on. A doddle to make, if time consuming. Then a healthy dose of black spray and dusting if wits finished them off. The first can of white spray that I picked up was running out so fave a spluttered, splodgy effect. Followed with a lighter dusting from a new can, I think they actually came out rather nicely, though it was a close run thing! 

The craters are resin from Warlord Games and go rather nicely if I do say so myself. 

I did submit these to Curt but they were deemed to be 'terrain' and so ineligible for points - pah!

Finally, I finished his lady in 1920s dress that I had in mind for a damsel in distress in some Lovecraftisn Pulp. I had already started her and set her aside on challenge start so she is also ineligible. 

I think I applied the window and newton brush on varnish too early and it seems to have misted in the recesses and given her a grubby sheen that is quite irritating, though doesn't really come out in the photos. A bit odd, I'll have to have a go at tidying her up

I have just sent in my 'favourite character' bonus offering, drawing on some of my favourite books. But I've been slacking and have missed my regular entry alongside it. I've some 10th Hussars for the Sudan on the table and crawling along, but a fair way from completion. After that, I'm going to have to out some series effort into my final bonus round entry, going off piste for me and doing a vignette. Any guesses what the subject might be?


  1. Very nice painting work. The explosion markers are really good.

  2. Great work on the lady! The white looks great.

  3. I'm not sure that I like the sound of, "slaving away at the Sudan project for the Challenge"! That said everything else looks superb! ;)

    1. Alas no, it's all relative. I meant the last 8 weeks' slaving away - the results f which you've already seen! Current progress: sluggish.


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