Monday, 26 August 2013

Wehrmacht: Now with Grubby Cuffs

Longtime followers will have seen these before, but the other day I picked up one of the small box files I'm storing models in and got a distressing clunk of metal on metal. Ah yes. It was my greatcoated Germans' temporary home until I got around to weathering and varnishing them.

Thankfully, almost no damage was done by my carelessness, but it was a reminder to finish them off and put them in more permanent storage. I was original holding out to pick up some different weathering powders to test out, particularly a dried mud shade, but I keep forgetting to hunt them down at a show or online. So I just went with what I've got.

Much better now they have grubby greatcoats, hiding my painstakingly crisp highlights!

I really like the checkpoint, I even picked up a 4Ground barrier and hut for them.

Of course, getting them finished has little to do with the current enthusiasm for the Lardies' Chain of Command. Honest. But this is halfway to a full platoon and I've already got a similar number of British Commandos, maybe one day I'll expand them out as CoC sounds like an intriguing system I might like to try. In the meantime of course I have Operation Squad to play.

A better view of the groundwork.

While about town I spotted this, which I thought some of you might be interested in. The introductory offer of £1.99 seemed a very reasonable price for a fairly sizeable, detailed Enterprise model. Even the usual price of £5.99 seems fair and if I had much interest in space combat or Star Trek, I'd have been tempted to pick a few up to push around in an X-wing type of game. Though I suppose there are plenty of other options available!


  1. They are very nice; Germans with greatcoat are a must, I think!

  2. Great work Phil. I've always liked those Artizan sculpts.

  3. Grubby is good Phil :)

    Nice looking squad!

  4. Amazing work! I especially like the unshaven ones. They really look like having been out on the battlefield for quite some time now.

  5. Those are great. Love the weathering.

  6. Have to agree, you can't have too grubby WW2 troops! Great work ;)

  7. Grubby looks good from over here.


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