Monday, 1 October 2012

Still around, some aimless progress

You may have noticed a dearth of posts here. This is mostly because I've been pretty busy with real life for the past 6 weeks or so I've not really put a paintbrush to miniature. At least I feels that way, for some reason I've just not been feeling it recently. 

I exaggerate slightly, I have done a few bits in a vaguely aimless way. When I'm daunted or disinterested by bigger projects, I fall back on the old faithful: Pulp. the project of endless possibilities, of great figures for no particular reason. 

First up is a new NPC: 'Mustafa'. An Arab trader with goods for sale at the right price - some haggling required! Perhaps he also trades information, rumours and gossip. But will he help or hinder our heroes?

The miniature is from Black Cat. I don't think his tunic came out too well but as a minor character he'll do. 

Next up, the party leader for an antagonistic adventuring association: 'Monsieur Leclerc' of the Societe Archaeologique. 

I'm really pleased with the paint job on him. I started looking up French Foreign Legion uniforms, realised they seemed pretty varied in the early 20th century so went with a nonspecific military uniform. He was a pleasure to paint too, as always with Artizan Designs 'Thrilling Tales' range. The only thing I'm not sure about is his glasses lenses - what do you think?

Mustafa tempts Leclerc with an offer of information

Both of these still need varnishing, after much browsing of forums I settled on a new regime using brush-on Windsor and Newton matt varnish then Testors Dullcote. Despite the 'matt' being more satin, meaning it sometimes needing two coats of Dullcote, I was sick of touching up chipped minis. I may even go back and varnish/dullcote some older minis for the extra protection. 

I also finished these:

Yup, that's two bases, which one day will have Harpies on for Aegeus. The harpies themselves are half assembled. As I say, I've been a bit aimless!


  1. A cracking couple of miniatures and nicely done; well done that man!

  2. I very much like your Pulp stuff, Phil. The spectacles on LeClerc look great!

  3. Lenses look great looking forward to seeing the harpies on those bases!!
    Besy Wishes

  4. Cheers all. I got some Artizan FFL cheap on eBay, so LeClerc will be less lonely soon. Just one pack - I don't need another side-project!

    The Harpies may wait Willie - I've been distracted into Napoleonics once more!


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