Sunday, 5 August 2012

Procrastination and Sightseeing

Morning all. I've not much to share this weekend, my free time has been sapped by renewed enthusiasm in Company of Heroes. I completed the campaign last night so am back at the paintingarable this morning. Starting with tidying up a few more bits for my WWII Brits. I've a game of Blitzkrieg Commander arranged for tomorrow evening at CLWC - I will try to take some pics and post an AAR.

Here's a snap I took a few weeks ago on my phone. I was sightseeing and visited St Paul's cathedral in the City of London. Down in the crypt there is this massive tomb for Wellington; he given a full state funeral and buried at St Paul's. The flags hanging over it represent the allies at the Battle of Waterloo (Britain, Hannover, Brunswick, Netherlands amd Nassau). Note there are five flags hanging above it, yet six flag-holders.

The missing flag is of course Prussia, their flag was taken down during WWI and never reinstated.


  1. Great post! I love that the Prussian colours were taken down in 1914 - its seems only proper...

    1. Interesting - it saddened me a little. I see of course why they were taken down while we're were at war, but I wonder if they would ever be reinstated to respect the we were once allies.


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