Sunday, 3 May 2015

Salute: The Games

I realise I'm a week late on the Blogoshpere, but here are the games that stood out to me as I whisked around the Salute hall. I didn't take down the details and don't have a programme to consult so few credits here I'm afraid. Having seen everyone else's, I clearly missed some corkers!

The hall before the crowds descended...

...and the crowd - quite a queue snaking in a whole unit.

7TV's lovely Ghostbusters game

An awesome AWI fort game, with six gorgeous ships. It won best in show I believe.

Beasts of War's Assault on Hoth game - looked a bit unfair on the Rebels!

Napoleon's Last Gamble(?) - the Assault of the Guard at Waterloo. A very striking table and lots of very well painted 28mm Napoleonics. 

Wargames Illustrated (easy one to credit :-) ) Simon De Montford must Die!

A striking fantasy naval game: I liked the choppy seas that they'd modelled. 

The Wyvern Wargamers/Kallistra game that I helped to run for the day. Is was the First battle of Ypres, 1914, the assault of the Prussian Guard on the British positions.

And from the German perspective. As the game played out, the Germans penetrated the British slit trench in three places, with much lighter casualties than historically.

Simon Miller's To the Strongest!, table, Bloody Cremona. Great terrain and miniatures as always.

A demo table of Osprey's Black Ops

Two Blitzkrieg Miniatures tables for their upcoming ruleset 'Panzer Battles'. Bit heavy on the tanks for me (what is this, FoW?) really nicely painted though. Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps

And Battle of the Bulge

Hawk Wargames display game - a lot of lead on the table

A VBCW game? Nice scenery

Oshiro Modelterrain's gorgeous Japan table - a highlight every year.

And that's your lot! A good show, but as with most, it feels like there's too much to see. That's for a paying punter, manning a table meant a very long day, though we each managed to get away a few times to whisk around the hall. Worth going once again, thanks to the a Wyvern lot for the offer, I don't think I'd have made it otherwise.

On a separate note, Ray of 'Don't Roll a 1' has a rather smashing giveaway going, so head on over there if you don't like any of the dame stuff as me. 


  1. Yes, I feel I miss more and more every year!

  2. Great pics! It is a big show, its surprising what you manage to miss???

  3. Very nice pictures. There were a lot of games I was unable to see!!!

  4. My arms were aching with the bags of loot I acquired during the day as a punter. Can't imagine how knackering it must be to man a display game all day...

    1. At least we have somewhere to smash the loot!

  5. Thanks Phil for sharing, the Oshiro table looks very inspiring.
    Regards Furphy .

    1. It's always a corker. Have you thought about going along to Salute?

  6. Great photos Phil! I wish I could have met up with you - next year, promise!


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