Sunday, 20 April 2014

Salute 2014: The Games

 I rarely remember to dig the camera out in the madness of Salute but I did manage a quick whisk around later in the day to snap those that jumped out at me. This year, there seemed to be fewer 'wow' games for me, with the number of skirmish systems evidencing itself in the number of smaller tables. Of course, those  showcase tables were usually very nicely presented, but do miss some of the spectacle of a massed battle games at a major show. There were also quite a few tables I remember from last year making a repeat performance. 

First up, Wyvern Wargamers with Battle of the Marne

Miniatures and terrain by Kallistra. I got to roll dice on this one and really enjoyed the simple rules and grand maneuvers involving hundreds of troops on the table. 

South London Warlords with their lovely  Battle of Barbastro 1837

Mostly Perry miniatures Carlist War

Wargames Soldiers and Strategy and Simon Miller, C-Day: Caesar's invasion of Britain

Lovely table, fairly flat without being featureless. 

Beautiful units all over

Not sure on this one but I liked the unusual groundwork

White Hart Wargames with Allan Quartermaine and the Lost City

The Battle of Keren 1941 by Newark Irregulars - great use of a vertical board but damn hard to capture in a photograph

Eastern Front WWII 

Something Cold War Gone Hot?

Sword Beach on D-Day, I believe

Not sure who put it on, but this was a stunning game using Paul Hicks Dien Bien Phu sculpts


  1. Thanks for posting these Phil! I really liked seeing the Indochina figures in action as I'm currently have some on my workbench. I really like the idea behind the Kallistra game but I can't bring myself to like their terrain hex system - just too geomorphic for my tastes.

    1. While I agree and it isn't to my taste either, I can see the appeal. Offering the whole package of terrain and miniatures with a game system does makes Kallistra very accessible

    2. I totally agree to your and Andrew's comments regarding accessibility and versatility, but whenever my eye crosses a Kallistra table the only thing I see is a bunch of hex lines, which I find a bit jarring. It's like looking at an upscaled board for Squad Leader. Again, not entirely bad, just not to my taste.

      I'm such a diva...

  2. Great post and some different tables to see, I have seen a lot of tables using the Kallistra hexes lately and the more I see it the more I become attracted to its versatility

  3. Thank you a lot. There were fantastic tables there!!! I like a lot the Indochine one.

  4. Thanks Phil ! Some great tables on display there. I shall have to get my own Salute photos sorted out as well, and posted!


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