Monday, 10 September 2012

I'm Back!

So, I vanished for a few weeks. Sorry about that, completely unintended, just some frantic hobby time and a bit of real life got in the way of blogging. 

So, what have I been up to? Well, finishing off the secret project, as my brother visited at the end of August. I got almost everything done, probably the first time ever. The miniatures turned out great, as did the terrain that I got finished. we got two games in over the long weekend, between sightseeing, babysitting my niece and some board games. Both games went well considering to hadn't play tested them, but I will make some minor tweaks the the scenarios. We should be able to finish the campaign in another session. I'm also less convinced Brink of Battle rules are well suited to the era. They did the job, but weren't quite right - perhaps too many miniatures on the table. 

I did take pics, but won't post them yet - Samulus will also get a play through (of the whole campaign i hope!) and I don't want to spoil the narrative.  

Anyway, after that weekend I took a self-imposed week off the hobby. Nice to take some time out, I got to spend some time on the Playstation - a chance to finally rattle through Skyrim. 

So I sat down last night looking for a little something to ease me back in. I had some 15mm SciFi prepped but languishing for a few months. A few hours work and hey presto (with fluff): 

++++++++++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION ++++++++++++
                  ++++++++ DECODING ++++++++
Arbiter Assessment Report (AAR)

Sighted: Kravaak system, 2516
Race: Presumed Human
Affiliation: Unknown
Weapon systems: Unknown
Armour: Advanced Therm-Optic Camouflage (ATOC) suits of unknown origin
Assessment: Further intelligence is required for a full threat assessment. All sightings should be reported to the Confederated Systems Arbitration Authority (CSAA) Intelligence Directorate. 

These are actually Khurasan miniatures modern US Special Forces, but they are so modern I thought they looked quite SciFi. Made sense to me anyway. These are the most elite of  New Vedith's military forces, utilising Advanced Therm-Optic Camouflage suits. of course, New Vedith doesn't officially acknowledge the existence of and Special Forces Units. 

I basically painted them the same as I'd done the bases, almost a shame to dry brush such finely detailed miniatures. But I think the effect works, with the weapons and helmets in a lighter shade to define the miniatures. 


  1. I have these painted as SEAL's but they look good as sci-fi, I may have to get more and welcome back!

  2. well done! impressive guys!
    are they dangerous?

  3. Yes very Si-Fi so I do see what you meant


  4. Very nice, love the touches of red on the lenses; seriously cool.

  5. I like how their cammo is exactly like the groundwork. Neat goggly goggles as well.

  6. Cheers all! Tey came out well and were a real quick job!

    I might just go back and drop some gloss onto the goggles to match them closer to the visors in my other troops.


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